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welcome to the circus, juggling act and all

Hi everyone! My name is Paula K and I’m Practically Supermom. Why? Well, my sister is the Real Supermom, and I’m just striving to be more like her. However, I have learned a thing or two over these past 13 years of being a mom/step-mom and a wife/ex-wife.¬†Welcome to my¬†blog on being a parent, being a wife, being healthy, being a DiYer, and just plain surviving the circus of life.

So why now? Well, my mind is constantly churning with ideas and thoughts about how to make things easier, or just how to make things (I love to DiY). I find myself waking up in the middle of the night coming up with ideas. (If you have ever experienced this, some ideas seem much better at 3 a.m. than when the sun is up). However, I’ve always been told to write something down when you have an idea. So this is me writing it down.